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send notification for workflow...

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I have a workflow requirement where a custom report reads a flat file and then triggers the workflow which then

assigns the task to update the respective vendor master data to diff depts and once they r done an email is sent

to the approver who approves the changes to the vendor master.

Now this workflow at the end has the 'send email' step where recipient type is set as "Organizational object"

and expression is &WF_INITIATOR&. The initiator is able to see an email received in the SAP inbox.

The user now wants an additional email to be sent to his personal email id to notify that workflow email has landed

in his SAP inbox. Just a simple notification so that he goes to SAP inbox and checks the emails there.

Pl note that this workflow is triggered from the custom report using the standard FM, SAP_WAPI_START_WORKFLOW.

So in order to send the additional email, should I do something as follows;

After the call to SAP_WAPI_START_WORKFLOW, should I call the standard FM NEWDOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 and send

the email to the personal email id ?? Based on the user name I can read his personal profile and get the email

id from there, right ? Will this be the right option ?

In case I want to do this as part of Workflow definition, is there any way I can find and include his personal email

id in the Send email step ??

Pl advise on the right way to achieve this.



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