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Send idoc from one version of R/3 to different version

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Hi All,

I have a scenario to send idocs from one R/3 system to another (both have different versions) .Can anyone tell me the step by step way to configure. Do I need to program anywhere to send or receive idocs Any help is really appreciated




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Think it's not clear. Ok. Let me put in this way. I have some questions to ask about process code, batch program execution of idocs.

In the scenario send idoc from ECC6.0 to 4.6B version, what is the role of process code in partner profile. What are the batch programs that need to be executed for processing the idocs both in sender and receiver. Thanks

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Process Code is basically used for Inbound Processing.

A process code identifies the type of data processing for inbound processing.

You need to configure for the Outbound Parameters in the Partner Profile(WE20) in ECC6.0 and for 4.6B you need to configure Inbound Parameters to receive the Idoc, this is where you will use the Process Code.


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if you configure your partner profile on the receiver to process via batch program -> you'll need to run RBDAPP01 to post IDOCs, it can run per idoc number, message type, date range,... you can run several posting processes in paralle if your IDOCs allow parallel posting...

If you setup your partner profile on the sender to collect IDOCs vs. sent immediately -> you'll need to use RSEOUT00 program to send IDOCs.

Process code is used to select processing function module for your IDOCs.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the reply. I have configured the partner settings (ports, partner profiles,) and a distribution model too and succeeded in sending idocs to the target system.

But in the target system, I am facing trouble in posting idocs using bd87. It is showing an error "inbound table not found'. What exactly is the error ?

Do we need a distribution model in the sender system and receiver system?


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Yes, you need distribution model in both systems.

Usually distribution model is define don one system and distributed to other system.

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Hi michael,

The version change technique allows you to exchange idocs with systems using the older version of idocs.

For this v have to configure the sending system to generate back level idoc for receiving system using the partner profile. configuring the partner profile is enough to send idocs in this scenario.



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