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Selection text disappered

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Several months ago, I have finished working on a report without transporting it to the QAS/PRD environment.

All selection text of the report were translated.

Last week, I have tested the report and discovered that all selection text have disappeared.

What may be the problem ?

Might it have somthing to do with our BASIS team ?


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make sure if the text symbols or the standard text still exist in the server you want them..

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whether selction texts are transported properly...

go to-se38-->selection text..see the texts are there are not..



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The selection text were Initialized (?..) like I haven't changed them at all.

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i think the selection texts are not properly activated at the time of transportation..

so change and save in other request and reactivate and transport again..

or go to utilities and check the transport request and compare with QA2 or PRd you will come to know the problem...



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The selection text were saved and activated.

another strange thing that happend was a change to the screen's pushbutton name.

The report doesn't exists in the QAS/PRD systems and that's why I can't compare.

Is there a way to regenerate the screen or something of that manner ?

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hi for unreleased transports we can not retrive the old data...

if the transport is previously released and not transported..

try to retrieve the older version..

automatically the old data will come..



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Hi Rotem,

Reassign the missing text-elements & screen changes to a new Request no all together & transport it..

just simple opne & save & activate & transport.

you can also send only screen changes if necessary(push button name).

Thansk & regards,

Dileep .C