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Selection screen doesn't get refreshed upon changing the variant

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Hi experts,

I've got an SAP query with selection screen variants V1, V2, V3 etc,

Selection screen parameters and select-options are updated/populated upon selecting a variant in the first place SAY V2.

Whenever I try to select another variant SAY V1 or V3, the values still persist as of V2.

I see this issue with only one query. Rest of the queries in the system work fine.

I even tried to delete and create the query and associated Infoset but, didn't help.

Any comments will be appreciated.




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Probably those variants are not compatible any more with the parameters. I mean, they were created at a time where the selection screen parameters were different.

The only solution to display their old contents is to call the function module RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS (SE37 -> test).

You may try to recover the compatible part of the variants by running the program RSVARDOC_610, but you will lose definitely what is not compatible (so do it after RS_VARIANT_CONTENTS!).

At the end, the most probable situation is that you will have to edit the variants manually to recover the values.


although it seems less probable, you could check if the variant was saved with the fields having the attribute 'Save field without values' checked..