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Securing Printers for Check Printings

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Hello -

We want to designate a printer for printing checks only. We do not want anyone else printing to this printer. Ideally, we don't want anything going to this printer but the checks.

Is there a way to configure security for a printer within SAP? We tried at the network level, but it generates errors.

Unfornately searching sap with termns like printer and security are bring in too many irrelevant results.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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On the ABAP side, your search term would be [s_spo_dev|].



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in your system you need to identify all printer with a unique name.

In mentioned object S_SPO_DEV you can allow users (in roles) to accees a specific printer, but also be sure to limit all other users NOT to be able to print

So i would give all users in a general user role access to all printers exept the specific one. and have One role giving access to that specific printer. In all other roles set teh object to inactive and you are in control of that printer via role assignment