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Secondary Index Urgent

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HI all,

I have created a secondary index for database table BSIS, considering GJAHR

KOSTL SHKZG BUDAT fields to improve the performace of a report.

I transported the request from development to quality and production systems. It reflected in quality but in production system, when I open the table and see the index, it has a message in the index desplay "Index does not exist in database system ORACLE".

When I went through the system->status in development , the database is ORACLE and the release is and quality is and the production is Is this the problem why the system is not accepting this secondary index?? or any other issue ?? Any help is greatly appriciated.



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Rather than creating a secondary index on BSIS, I think you should get the data you need by selecting the reference document number from COVP for a cost center.

Having said that, have you tried activating the table? That will create the index in the database. You may have to get basis (or someone else with the proper authorizations) to do this for you.