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Search Help Selection Problem ...!!

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Hello Experts,

We have requirement in COR1 (Process order creation)

Here the  requirement is that the material highlighted may have alternative materials so while doing F4 search help the system should show the alternatives.

we have done that as well

Here the issue is the system is only selecting material not alternative material.

A ztable has been created where the alternative materials will be maintained for the material.

Below search help created

Please help how can we get only the alternative materials maintained in ZTABLE in F4 search help.




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Yogesh,

this does not look like it has anything to do with "ABAP Connectivity"?! You better move your question to a different forum.

Regards, Ulrich

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Hi yogesh,

In search help, Give import option for all 5 fields and export to only the alternative material field.

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The issue here is that you need to link ZALTT to the dynpro field, so that the selected value is returned. It means that you must declare it with same data element MATNR to make this relation work.

But of course, you'd like to link the dynpro field to the importing parameter MATNR too to select only the corresponding alternate names. But linking one dynpro field to different search help fields is not possible.

Consequently there are these two solutions:

1) either you decide to make it simple, i.e. link the dynpro field to ZALTT, not MATNR, and the user will have to enter manually the original material number (2010063) in the "Material" selection field,

2) or you define a search help exit and create the algorithm to make only one field/column in the search help as both IMP and EXP, and select the lines corresponding to the value of the input field, and fill this column with both the original and alternate values...