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SE63 and SE91 Translation is not working in IDOC sts details tab

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Hi All,

I have created some text symbols and text messages in SE91 in EN language and maintained  corresponding translations in ES and PT languages by referring menu path GOTO->Translation (SE63) .

These text symbols and message class texts are used to update IDOC status and idoc massages.

Issue is :  When I create an idoc in EN language, It will display idoc Message and sts details tab (text and Parameters) propelry in EN language. But I display the same IDOC number in PT or ES language , I am able to see only Message part  converted to PT or ES but sts details tab (text and Parameters) part is still showing in EN langauge it should also be get displayed in PT and ES languages.

The above scenario is behaving  vice if you created an idoc in PT language then when you logon EN langauge, the idoc will display sts details aprt in PT language only instead to display in EN language.

My requirement is , I want to display sts details tab as per logon langauge.

If anyone have come across similar issue, kindly help me.

kind regards,



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I believe the parameters are captured when the message is triggered and stored in the table as is. The message text itself is not stored, only message ID/number, so that's why you can see it translated.

Simple solution - don't use text symbols and instead create messages in SE91 for every situation. The variable part of the message should be non-textual, e.g. a document number. The text should be in the message itself.