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SDN technology behind

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Hi guys,

I have to congrats you for great looking, ergonomic and easy-to-use site which will possibly become home site of many SAP (and other) developers!

I would like to know on what technologies is this site built and on what hw is running, because:

a) it looks like EP6 with WebDynPro developed iViews, but also I see lots of EP5 present

b) it runs really fast, and we all know that EP5 isn't that fast and stable. I didn't get a single error and I was surfing all over SDN!

Thanks and keep rocking!



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Hello Ivan,

Thank you for the compliments.

As I wrote in previous posts - ("Look and Feel of SDN - how ?", July 24) -

"...we appreciate your interest in "behind the scenes of SND...".

As you know, we are in Beta phase and still going through some changes.

We did receive some requests similar to yours and we would like to share our knowledge and will do so. As for now, we are focusing on improving the site and incorporating additional features as well as improving ones..."

But, in order not to repeat myself too much (), a small appetizer: we are using Enterprise Portal 5.0...

stay tuned, we will share more info in the future.

Thank you,


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any update on this? The beta phase seems to be over...

I would like to get some insights into your performance seetings, the SDN is really fast compared to other EP based websites.


Christoph Schulz

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Sorry for the delays, but I'll try to answer quickly for my content and platform colleagues who have been super busy keeping the site updated and rolling out new features for you guys.

The SDN platform is comprised of SAP Enterprise Portal, version 5, service pack 5. SAP Knowledge Management 5.5, SAP Search and Classification Engine (TREX) and Content Management. We're also using the SAP J2EE engine as our application server.

Some people have asked if this really is the portal, since it is SOOO fast and doesn't look like we're using iViews on the surface. It is, but since we've deployed the portal in an "outside the firewall" environment and aren't using any backend systems to provide data, iViews were not necessary for certain tasks. We've done a bit of JSP development to the front end, but I can assure you that what you're using is real SAP technology-- out of the box components with a little extra tweaking for the external environment and usage requirements

In essence, 90% of what you see on SDN is SAP technology, but there are some features that SAP doesn't actually build as part of our standard product. The great thing about NetWeaver is that you can use all the integration technologies to integrate third-party tools very easily and that's just what we did for a couple of things. We have integrated the blogging tools from O'Reilly, since that is not currently part of SAP NetWeaver, and its working like a charm. We've also integrated some Yahoo forums into our framework, so checkout the "User Mapping" and you can now use Yahoo groups inside SDN.

We're using Windows 2000 Advanced and MS SQL DB.

As for the hardware, we have 5 servers total (i'm not sure of the specs, but they're pretty lightweight considering the user load we have). 1 front end and backup, and one persistance and backup, one LDAP and search engine.

Hope that answers your question-- We'll be putting up an overveiw presentation in the "About" section soon.