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SD SAP Enjoy transactions

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Hi there!

Does anyone know of where/how I can get a list of the SAP SD enjoy transactions (if any)? I know there are lots in MM and FI/CO e.g ME23N etc... but in SD I'm coming up against a blank wall.

Thanks in advance.


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VL01N / VL02N / VL03N for deliveries .

Sales orders ( VA01 / VA02 / VA03 ) donot use Enjoy Transactions.


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this is the link where you can get all the transactions related to SAP, sorted in alphabetical order.

These are few important SD Transactions , Just a sample :

VA01 SAPMV45A Create Sales Order

VA02 SAPMV45A Change Sales Order

VA03 SAPMV45A Display Sales Order

VA05 SAPMV75A List of Sales Orders

VA07 SDBANF02 Compare Sales - Purchasing (Order)

VA08 SDBANF01 Compare Sales - Purchasing (Org.Dt.

VA11 SAPMV45A Create Inquiry

VA12 SAPMV45A Change Inquiry

VA13 SAPMV45A Display Inquiry

VA14L SDLIEFSPE Sales Documents Blocked for Deliver

VA15 SAPMV75A Inquiries List

VA21 SAPMV45A Create Quotation

VA22 SAPMV45A Change Quotation

VA23 SAPMV45A Display Quotation

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As far as my knowledge goes, most of the enjoy transactions end with a "n". So, probably you can do search for "V*n" in SE93 and that might help you.



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Thank you all for your suggestions! they were most helpful...

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The best way to access the SAP SD related transactions.just follow a few Tcodes which have a group of transactions under them

The main set of menus transaction codes are:

1. VS00 - Master data

2. VC00 - Sales Support

3. VA00 - Sales

4. VL00 - Shipping

5. VT00 - Transportation

6. VF00 - Billing