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SD Order confirmation. PRinting sales order texts.

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I am Developing a smartform for sd order confirmation.

I have a requirement to print the sales order header texts(header text and ship/fwd inst).I have included them as an include text but i also need to print the phrase 'header info' before header text like,

header text:



is there any way i could do it, if anyone knows please help me....




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Create a text node to print the phrase 'header info'.

and below create another text node to for printing the include text details.

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Hi Sid,

I have done this but the text node 'header info' is hard coded and i want it to print only if it has a header text)(xxxxxxx),since the header text is called from an include text i do know how to write the if condition for the text node containing infromation.

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one way is:

Create a global v_flg variable of character with length 1.

Create a program node, and call <b>READ_TEXT</b> function module by passing the text name, text id etc. This will return the text in the table it_lines.

check for entries in it_lines.

if it_lines[] is initial.

v_flag = 'X'.


For the text node printing the label, on the condition tab check for v_flag <> 'X'.

The label will print only if there is any text.