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SD Delivery Serial Number auto generation ?????

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Hi All,

Hope some one is able to provide some points on this!!

Basis Release 620.

Client requires that the serial numbers be automatically generated for items copied from a sales order to a delivery note.

Anyone got a clue as to how this can be accomplished?

Copy requirements (vofm) for deliveries works on the delivery header level and not the item which is required.

Data Transfer requirements like wise works at the header level.

While the user exit "MOVE_FIELDS_TO_LIPS" does not have the required fields available, but does work at the item level.

Where does SAP save the serial numbers for the actual number of items to be delivered? EG

Delivery Item (LIPS) links to Serial Numbers (????).

Thanks in advance for any advice

David Cooper


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By Serial Numbers do you mean VBAP-POSNR ( Sales Doc Item ) or is it something else. Can you give more details as to which field you want to copy from Sales order to Delivery??


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Hi Sanjay,

The field is not on VBAP, it is on EQUI. IE EQUI-SERNR.

Use this as a basis as follows:


select * from eqbs

where kdauf = lips-vgbel

and kdpos = lips-vgpos.

select single * from equi

where equnr = eqbs-equnr.

?????-???? = equi-sernr.


lips-sernr is not suitable as it is only 8 characters where equi-sernr is 18.

Screen SAPLIPW01-0200 is used to enter the serial numbers in screen field RIPW0-SERNR, but this is not available for input in the user exit.

Any ideas?

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The database table is SER01. (Link - LIPS to Serial Numbers)


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Use SER01 using delivery header/item and then using SER01-OBKNR, go to OBJK to get SERNR.

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Hi Sanjay,

That tell me how to get the values and where to get them from.

Next problem is how to pre-populate the values during creation of the delivery note?

Do you have any idea?

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try this one to find the serial number

select a~sernr into gt_sno-serialno from equi as a

inner join eqbs as b on aequnr = bequnr

where amatnr = gt_upload-matnr and blbbsa = '01'

and b~b_werk = gt_upload-werks

and b~b_lager = gt_upload-lgort.

serial number is related with material number, plant and storage location



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I am again not sure what you are trying to achieve.

While creating a delivery LIPS-VBELN will not be available as delivery is not created by that time.

( Then how to goto LIPS -> SER01 -> OBJK ).

Also you emntioned EQUI.

What I understand is when you are creating a Delivery for a sales order , you already have some serial number in dataase( most likely in EQUI ) which you would like to copy to SER01 , which sounds absurd .

See the field descriptions -

EQUI-EQUNR -> Equipment Numbers

SER01-OBKNR ->Object list number

You have to be more specific.


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Hi Sanjay,

I agree the delivery document number has not been created yet, so it is a little difficult to save the data directly into the database tables.

However it must be possible to populate some internal tables within the program, which would enable the user to view the serial numbers.

The process is as follows:

Using transaction VL01N,

Enter Shipping Point, Selection date, and order.

Select line item

Choose menu item extras-serial number.

Screen SAPLIPW1-0200 is displayed with a list of the pre-created serial numbers is displayed.

In the processing prior to the screen display there does not appear to be any user exit to use.

Your continued help is much appreciated!!

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Hi David,

Check out Customer Function EXIT_SAPLIPW1_001.

It might be useful for you..


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in SD customizing you can modify the serial number profile (Sales and Distribution->Basic Function->Serial Number Profile) for the SDLS Serializing Procedure, so that the serial number usage is automatic.

SAP store the last serial number for a material in the table MASE.

I hope this help.