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scripts and smartforms

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Please give me main differences between the script and smart forms

1 Suppose we are doing same work both script and smart forms what are the main difference between them,

2. Please give the differences other than generating function module in smartforms.

3. Which is easy and preferable either script or smartforms.

4. what are advantages of smartforms on script.


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script is client dependent

smartform is client independent

less programing in smart form

multiple page format is possible in smart form

we can maintain background graphics in smartform

labelling is possible in scripts not possible in sf.

<b><u>I prefer for smartforms</u></b>

Advantages of SAP Smart Forms

SAP Smart Forms have the following advantages:

1. The adaption of forms is supported to a large extent by graphic tools for layout and logic, so that no programming knowledge is necessary (at least 90% of all adjustments). Therefore, power user forms can also make configurations for your business processes with data from an SAP system. Consultants are only required in special cases.

2. Displaying table structures (dynamic framing of texts)

3. Output of background graphics, for form design in particular the use of templates which were scanned.

4. Colored output of texts

5. User-friendly and integrated Form Painter for the graphical design of forms

6. Graphical Table Painter for drawing tables

7. Reusing Font and paragraph formats in forms (Smart Styles)

8. Data interface in XML format (XML for Smart Forms, in short XSF)

9. Form translation is supported by standard translation tools

10. Flexible reuse of text modules

11. HTML output of forms (Basis release 6.10)

12. Interactive Web forms with input fields, pushbuttons, radio buttons, etc. (Basis-Release 6.10

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