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Screen Painter: Spacing incorporated in screen not visible in screen on transaction execution

Active Contributor

Sometimes row spacing done in screen painter are not visible on tcode execution. What may be the reason? This issue is very peculiar.

I have given a row spacing between last two rows as shown below.

Spacing between last two rows is not visible on tcode execution as shown below.


Active Contributor

I see no reason why SAP GUI would compress your screen, according to the note 203023:

  • "Blank lines created as such on a screen in the Screen Painter, are not removed."

Logic of "screen compression" is complex and explained in these SAP notes:

Make sure you have installed all the corrections about screen compression.

If it doesn't work, and you don't find a workaround or feel it's a bug, you may contact SAP support.

NB: it may be a bug in some SAP GUI versions, try with the latest version if possible.

NB: possibly you may have a field in the row that you didn't show, and it's hidden at runtime, that would explain why the line is compressed.