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Screen exit

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Hi Experts,

Can any body let me know the step by step procedure for implenting the screen exit AMPL0001 .It is for Me23 transaction:User subscreen for additional data on AMPL.



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Screen Exits

Screen exits add fields to screens in R/3 applications. SAP creates screen exits by placing special sub screen areas on a standard R/3 screen and calling a customer sub screen from the standard screen’s flow logic.

Implementation of Enhancement in Customer System

First, use the project management function to choose the SAP enhancements that you want and create an enhancement project.

Next, edit your individual components using the project management function and document the entire enhancement project.

Finally, activate the enhancement project (this activates all of the project's component parts).

Start the project management function (transaction CMOD) and give your enhancement project a name. SAP recommends that you think up a naming convention for all of your projects. You can, for example, include the project's transaction or module pool in its name. All enhancement project names must be unique. Next, branch to the project's attributes and enter a short text describing the enhancenent project. The system inserts all of the project's other attributes (such as created by, created on, or status).

Assigning SAP Enhancement to customer projects

Use the project management function (transaction CMOD) to assign SAP enhancements to customer enhancement projects. Enter the names of the SAP enhancements you want to use on the appropriate screen.

The search function gives you a catalog-like overview of existing SAP enhancements. From there you can select those enhancements that are of interest to you.

Editing Components

Activating Enhancement Projects

Use the product management function to edit the components of your enhancement project.

Depending on whether the component you are editing is a function module, a menu entry, or a subscreen, you branch to either the Function Builder, a dialog box for entering menu entries, or to the Screen Painter.

Activation of an enhancement project affects all of its components. After successful activation, the project has the status active.

During activation, all programs, screens, and menus containing components that belong to the project are regenerated (programs at the time they are executed). After activation, you can see the enhancements in your application functions.

The Deactivate function allows you to reset an enhancement project's status to inactive.

Business Transaction Events

It is also called as Open FI enhancement technique which is based on the following principle:

Application developers must define their interface in a function module. An assignment table is read in the corresponding (generated) code, and the customer modules assigned are called dynamically.

This technique differentiates between enhancements that are only allowed to have one implementation and enhancements that can call multiple implementations in any sequence desired. Both industry-specific and country-specific enhancements may be defined.

Enhancement Framework

The new enhancement concept of the ABAP Workbench enables the integration of different concepts for modifying and enhancing development objects. The enhancement concept is supported by the Enhancement Builder tool and ABAP language elements.

The objective of the Enhancement Framework is to provide a technology to create modification-free enhancements and to unify all possible ways of modifying or enhancing Repository objects.

Multilayer Support

- In contrast to modifications with enhancements it becomes possible to have

enhancements on different development levels, e.g.

- Core development

- Application development

- Add on development

- Customer development

- It is possible to create multiple enhancement implementations on different layers or

to replace an enhancement implementation.

Enhancement Spots

Enhancement Spots can only be of type source code Enhancement or BAdI.

Enhancement Spots manage explicit Enhancement Options

While implicit enhancement options always exist and do not require any special management, explicit enhancement options created in an initial system must be made known to developers in target systems via Enhancement Spots.

Enhancement Implementations

Enhancement implementations manage their enhancements.

Enhancements made by developers in follow-on systems are managed as Enhancement Implementations. This applies to all enhancement options, both explicit and implicit.

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