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Screen Exit

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I have done a search on this question and although similar questions have been raised I was unable to get an answer to my problem.

I have added a couple of fields to a screen:



The relevant Notification Header screen enhancement is QQMA0001

and I need to reference the function modules:

EXIT_SAPMIWO0_008 - Customer Exit: Transfer Notification Data to User Screen

EXIT_SAPMIWO0_009 - Customer Exit: Transfer Notification Data to User Screen

I have created a subscreen with the relevant fields. Athough I understand that the PBO module should reference the first function module and the PAI should reference the second I am still confused as to how to achieve this.

The result is that the I cannot save data in the new fields since the SAP standard program does not recognize the subscreen data and vice versa. I would appreciate assistance with this issue.



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Can you Give the COde what you have written in FMs.

and Try to Debug the Code.



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At this stage I have just added fields on the screen and activated the screen. The first function module moves VIQMEL to I_VIQMEL.

The second function module moves I_VIQMEL to E_VIQMEL.

I have not added addtional code as yet. Trying to understand how it all hangs together. The PBO and PAI modules created for the screen are empty as I do not know to link thatem to these function exits. Hope I have been able to adequately explain my dilemma.

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goto se80 check pkg: qqm

and function group: xqqm

inside includes you get include: zxqqmtop.

inside this you define your data.

also when you create your subscreen you must choose package qqm as above.