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Screen enhancement with table control IW31, IW32, IW33.

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Hi Gurus,

I am facing issues with enhancement implementation for Maintenance Orders transaction IW31, IW32, IW33. (SAP basis version 4.7)

1) I have implemented enhancement IWO10018 for creating an Enhancement tab in transactions Iw31/ 32/ 33. This tab has got a table control which has 4 columns: -Operations, Operation short text, Estimated Cost and Currency Unit.

First two fields are non editable and are populated for all the Operations in Operations tab. Last two columns are editable and value entered in these are stored in the database on saving. Now the issue is I am able to fetch all the operations from AFVC table but these are the one which have been saved. Suppose I navigate between the tabs Operations and Enhancement and enter a new operation in Operations tab, I should get the same in my Enhancement tab table control field as well.

Though we can obtain one value from structure (SAPLCOIH)AFVGD but this gives only one value. If we need to get the table of values, is their any option ???

P.S. Assumption in this requirement was that there can be at max 50 operations in an order and 200 new fields are created for this in include CI_AUFK in table AUFK.

2) In standard report transction IW39 to display the orders and operations, if we need to display additional columns for displaying Estimated Costs and Units per order, how do we need to implement enhancement IWOC0004. Do we need to add all custom fields in structure RIHAUFK_LIST as well. If you could please elaborate its implementation, it would be helpful.

3) In standard report transaction IW49N, is there any enhancement available to add new fields in ALV display. (SAP basis version 4.7).

I would be grateful if i can get a quick response as I am stuck in middle of something important.

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Hey All,

To my questions further, I had found the runtime internal table where Operations are stored before saving.

It is AFVGD_BT and its main program is SAPLCOBO. So it can be accessed through (SAPLCOBO)AFVGD_BT[].

Also for 2 and 3 question, the given enhancement would work and we need to update fieldcatalog with custom fields.

For this add our fields in RIHAUFK_LIST.

Now, I am facing another issue. Since the enhancement tab is a subscreen, i am not able to get its okcodes. eg: When I click enhancement tab, sy-ucomm is 'CUK', when I scroll up or down again it is 'CUK', if I press enter again it is '+CUK'. To enable scrolling functions I need to get correct okcodes and differentitaed ones because on each user command, a different action is required. Any pointers how can this be achieved.

Will post my solution once i m completly done with it. Till then your pointers are awaited..



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Hi Shreya,

Hope you are good .

I got stuck with the simillar problem in iw31 with table control issue  can you suggest any solution for your post if you have done it .

Thanks and Regards,