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scheduling jobs procedure

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Hi all,

I have two programs which needs to be run in background.

The first program is set run at 12 am everyday and the other program should follow the first the first one.

Can anybody guide me in creation of those jobs

I followed this procedure

1)job name zabc,

job class b

target server xyzz

then selected step icon

then abap program zabc(my first program)

variant ztest


then selected the start condition in main screen

selected date tim e format and have provided the date and time

save and again saved in mainn screen

and i followed the same procedure for second program but i used after job condition in start condition and in after job field i have mentioned the the first program job i.e zabc.

and saved it

when i went in sm37 and checked i found only my first job i.e zabc i couldnot locate my second job which is supposed to run after the completion of first job

can you guys tell whether i am following the right procedure or not .

I have one more question whta the difference between scheduled and release jobs which i see in sm37

Hope iam clear


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I think that the first job will actually create the second when the first runs. But, I would suggest that you make it one job with 2 steps. Just go back to the first job, and create a second step. When the first step is done, the second step will be fired. This way, its all in one place.


Rich Heilman

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Hi Rich,

I don't think it would work because i have job1 for first prgm and you are saying to place the second prgm in first job as second step then i cannot have option of start condition to run after first prgm because if i select after job option then i have give job1 which is still under process because the second program i.e the second step is schedule to run after first program then i have to mention the time rather than the selecting the after job option.since i won't know how much my first program would take i think this wouldn't be an option.

let me know if iam thinking any wrong

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See. when u creating the new job.

it asking the job name and job class..........

when u give the abap program name and variant in the next step u should select the add addtional steps ( here we can give the addtional steps i.e 2 steps , 3 steps...

once all the steps are over then don't select the addtional steps. iin the next screen it asking the date time .......

that's it.


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Hi all,

I have to create two jobs one is executed at say 5 pm daily and the other immediately after the first program.

My boss doesnot want two programs scheduled in one job.

I created two jobs with ifrst job at 5 pm and other i used after job icon and gave the first job name. But when i check in sm37,i see the first but i don't see the second one.Let me know how to go about this.


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Just curious, does your boss have a good explaniation as to why he doesn't want two steps in one job?


Rich Heilman

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SM37 by default shows simple job selection, click on extended job selection (second button) and enter first job name in the start after job field in the start condition tab.