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Schedule a program in Background job in RFC connected system

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I have a requirement like, i need to run a program in system B from system A. I need to create a program in system A to execute program in system B by background job and save in a spool list.

Later i need to send the list to a email address. Kindly guide how can i approach this.

Thanks in advance.




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Directly program cannot be executed by RFC. First you need to create a RFC function module in System B inside u can call the program using submit statement. In calling system A you can call this RFC FM in a program and schedule in background job.


Rajeev Goswami

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Thanks Rajeev,

So we don't have any other way to write a program only in System A to call program in System B.?



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As Rajeev said, we need a RFC function module to communicate between one system to another. Direct program call in another system cannot be done by RFC.

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Hi Gopi,

there are options to achieve what you try to do. See ,for example,  Execute code from a text file ... | SCN.

However, using the mentioned function modules are not recommanded from a security point of view.


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Solution 1

Build a RFC enabled FM, this FM will be called from program in system A with destination System B.

In this wrapper FM:

  • use classic FMs to create a JOB, reference: Programming with the Background Processing System (BC-CCM-BTC).
  • The JOB_CLOSE carries the RECIPIENT_OBJ parameter for The Mail Recipient of the Spool Lists (as transaction SM36) - alternative create a second step in the job to send mail if default mail doesn't fulfill your requirement.
  • Add a step with a SUBMIT of the called report with parameters mapped from FM parameters.

Solution 2

If you are not allowed to develop in system B, you cannot create the wrapper FM in target system, so in your program in system A you have to call some standard RFC enabled FM to do the same: for example BAPI_XBP_JOB_OPEN, BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP and BAPI_XBP_JOB_CLOSE.