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saving a program under a package manually

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Hi ,

I developed a selection screen in which the program name and the package are the inputs need to be given.

i entered my program name , and also selected the package , where package is defined as 'tdevc-devclass'

Now i want the program that i entered to be saved in the particular package i selected from f4 help.

i debugged the standard sap program for se38 transaction(SAPLWBABAP) , but still didn't get the exact point where the input program that we gave is getting saved under a package?


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I have found function module TR_CHANGE_OBJS_DEVC which seems to do this for one or several objects, try it out and let's hear about the progress.


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Hi Ramya,

If you want to change the package of program form one to another manually.

then go to tcode

se37 (specify program name)---> Then in menu bar Clck on Goto and select Object directory entry

another window will open change the package and save it.

If you want to do for multiple programs then try with writting BDC for same.

Hope this will solve your problem.

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You can change the package of the program in Se03 transaction. Go to SE03.

Double click "Change Object Directory Entries". Enter the ptrogram for which you want to change package.

select the checkbox for program. Execute. You would get the option to change the package.



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GO to the transaction SE38 , enter the program name - In the MENU - GOTO - select OBJECT DIRECTORY ENTRY,

A popup will be displayed where you will be able to see your current package , Select the dispay /change (F6) on the popup , now the Package Field will be in editable mode and you change the same using the F4 help or by manualy entering.

Hope this will help you.