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we have a massive performance problem with sapscript.

In SAPSCRIPT we use WRITE_FORM with BOTTOM in MAIN WINDOW. When using APPEND, sapscript debugger shows that for every text element all text elements which have been triggered for BOTTOM/APPEND before are triggered again. That means the first is triggered again when the second is triggered and so on. When .

The math genius may calculate what that means for more than 100 text elements triggered: more than 10.000 times the text element gets triggered.

I tried function 'SET' but then only the last element triggered is in the printed output.

The reason for the many text elements is our special technique to print different character sizes in left and right area of bottom: We use a paragraph format with 1 point Line Spacing, i.e. create 7 lines empty and then one with 8pt character format text, then 9 line space, then 1 line with a tab to the right side and a 10 point character formattted text. - The customer wants payment conditions on the left in 6 point, SUM information in 11 point on the right - everything at the bottom of the last (which may be the first) page of the invoice.

I thought the idea of the 1 point line spacing technique was good but now (unicode system!) it takes up to 5 seconds to create one invoice.

Any ideas are welcome.


Clemens Li


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we circumvented the problem using function WRITE_FORM_LINES.