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Sapscript Conversion

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I have converted a sapscript form Z_130_confirm_01 to smart forms. It is a balance confirmation form. I have solved all the errors for unrecognized variables etc. There of course is no data for these variables. The print program is SAPF130D. It is HUGE, does this whole program have to be basically re-coded into the smartform?


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Hi George,

I am afraid you do not have an option.. this is what SAP's fineprint on the migration says.. "Make use of this migration only if you want to make extensive changes to existing SAPscript forms. Especially the necessary modification of the data retrieval program (ABAP program) can take several days for complex applications, since all the techniques you use (for example, EXTRACT and LOOP) must be adapted.

The system does not migrate the print program (data retrieval) or the form logic contained in the print program. You must make the required changes to the respective print program yourself."


Suresh Datti

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The program that is the print program again is SAPF130D, If you run that program it goes to an entry screen for user input customer number etc. A lot of this code obviously does not have to go into the smartform. Is there no way to hook the smartform up to just basically accept the data already recieved by the program? Or create some kind of intermediate program that would take the data from the print program and then feed to the smartform where you could then just code the form logic of the smartform. I.E. the nodes etc

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Hi ,

You have to write your own program to retive data and pass that data to the function module generated by smartform.


You can use the same driver program.But remove all 'Open Form,Write Forms statements, Close Form etc...i.e.You must make the required changes to the respective print program yourself.

Those fields which you want to print move them into internal tables.

Pass these internal tables using fn module 'SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME'.

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