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SAPMV45A extension ( VA21 )

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I want to modify screen 4411 in SAPMV45A program.

I found a layout editor, and I want to add a read-only field from VBAK table.

I want to populate this field in VA21 transaction when I create with reference.

My question is, how do I populate this field with value? I got some results on the internet to use User exits, BADi, but I am not sure what to use. Can someone also provide documentation for the given answer.


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Be aware that adding a field in a standard dynpro as you described is a modification of the standard, don't expect any customer-exit or BAdI.

Could you consider implementation for a BAdI such as BADI_SLS_HEAD_SCR_CUS of enhancement spot BADI_SD_SALES_BASIC. (this BAdI can handle a maximum of five additional tabs for a document header.

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Yes, I will check it, but I don't need a new tab, I need to use the Item Overview tab, take a custom field from VBAK, and display it in read-only mode.

So don't look for an exit or BAdI, you want to modify the standard dynpro and its logic.