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sap table locks

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Hi Every body this is a strage issue we have in production system .

each time wtih different sap tables like ADR2 or LIKP .., there migh be an issue with custom code that running as background jobs , we could not trace which program is locking these table and there is program that kills all jobs that are waiting for this table .

I would like to know which program is causing this issue , unfortunatly I only have very limited information .

like PID , SID , and some times user name . but not the job name .

can we able to find the job name by PID or SID and by the server name .

I will appreciate your help in this regards.

**Detail of Lock Processed**

SIDW: 773

SIDH: 2289

ID1: 1724296

Holderprocess: 16119

HolderPID: 23576

WaiterPID: 5806

Holdergranttime: 1245

Waitergranttime: 1191

Objectname: LIKP

H_SPID: 23576

W_SPID: 5806

ROW_ID: 27522000.4000.5150

Srinu. K


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If you will be able to hit in time between these two moments - after locking entry, but before executing this cleaning report - then in SM12 after double click on entry you'll see transaction name. Is it possible to temporary cancel this background job? It would help you here.

If you have name of user, then check what transactions he has executed. You can check it in ST03. Choose date under Workload and in Analysis View double click on User Profile. From list of users choose one you're interested in and double click. You'll have whole list. Maybe it will help you in tracking your problem.

Best regards

Marcin Cholewczuk