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SAP SCRIPT VF02 - new layout

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Hi Experts,

Ihave dveloped a SAPSCRIPT layout for VF02 invoive print output. I have a 'Z' driver program simply using open_form, write_form and close_form for sending data to the layout. It is running perfectly when i execute it through the driver program directly.

But when output determination is set for VF02 by giving the driver program name, layout name and form routine name and when print is fired from VF02 it gives an error message 'output could not be issue'. i do not have any form routine, so in output determination setting the form routine is blank.

Any suggestions.

Rajiv Ranjan


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r u define output type...

to procedure

goto nace->select v3 type -

>click on procedure->select billing output--->double click on control-->make entry of ur output type there....> save

now it is work. check.

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The form anme is nothing but the name of the layout(SAP script name).

Give that name in nace transaction in the output type definition along with the oruitne name and program name.

If you are talking about the routine name, then you should encapsulate the code in a form-endform.

all your open_form, write_form and close_from should be inside a subroutine.Give that subroutine name as the routine name.



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Dear Ravi,

Is it necessary to have a form routine or it is optional. Im doing all the programming to collect data for display in the layout in the driver program itself. I have created the output procedure thru t-code V/40

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If the output type is not assigned to the billing document number you get some times the error like this, check in VF02->Header->Output-> and check whether the output type created is attached to the billing document, if it is attached and still you are getting the error, you can check in 'processing log' using the same path mentioned above, this will give the details of the error and from this the problem can be analysed,

Hope this helps,


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To issue the output from VF02 U should add the output type for the document.

First Configure the ouptu type in the `NACE Tcode and add the output type in VF02 for the document which u r issuing the ouptut.

If useful reward the points.