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sap script new page

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In Sap Script iam using 2 pages which contains the same windows. Actually here my footer text is more such that i divided the footer into 2 (footer1 and footer2).footer1 is dependent upon the number of line items in the main window means if the line items are 2 or 3 then footer1 should be displayed in the page1 and if it exceeds more than 3 than my footer1 should be displayed in the next page. Footer2 is dependent upon the footer1 and main window. So in any way footer2 cannot be displayed in the page1 so i need to display it in the page2 and it varies according to the footer1 and main window.

The problem is iam unable to trigger the page2 and it is getting overlapped in the page1.

your help will be appreciated.


thanks in advance.

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Hi Aditya,

Posting the same question again & again wont help....

why do u need to trigger page 2 without any data?

If you have data in Main window which does not fit in page 1 then it will automatically go to page 2...

Use proper logic to decide where to call the write_form..

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Hi Ankesh,

Actually in the morning i have posted this issue but i haven't got any replie thatz why i have posted it again not just i have an access to this site. Hope u understand.

what u said i accept, the logic i declared is working for more than 5 items at this time my output is fine but when the items are less than 5 items its getting overlapped and second page is not getting triggered.

I except any suggestions regarding my issue.

thanks in advance

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Yor are using



IF not write your code inside protect and endprotect.



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yeah iam using protect cmd for footer2 and also i tried with NEW-PAGE but its not working fine.

can u plz explain abut new-page cmd in brief.

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For unonditionally breaking the page we use NEW-PAGE command.



This statement

1)ends the current page. All other output appears on a new page.

2)only starts a new page if output is written to the current page as well as to the new page after NEW-PAGE. The system then increases the SY-PAGNO system field by one. You cannot produce empty pages.

3)does not trigger the END-OF-PAGE event. This means that the system does not output a page footer even if one is defined.

Hope it helps you.



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Hi Aditya,

You posted your question yesterday..

Somebody had already commented you to resolve your open questions first 27 out of 31 are still open

There were ample replies... Did you try and implement any of it?

Instead of passing 5 lines try to pass 10 lines and see what happens then... does your script trigger page 2 or not.. also you dont have to define two pages... same page 1 will be used for page 2..only u can have different footer ...there are ample things to try..

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HI Aditya,

Page2 will automatically triggered when you exceeded the page1 main window.

You can insert respective windows(i.e footer1 and footer 2) in page windows.



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Hi lokesh,

here in page1 i reduced the width of the footer2 and in page2 i define according to its length and footer1 text i declared in the main window itself. So whatz happening is when the items are about 2-3 its displaying fine upto main window and remaining space left for the footer2 in page1 its displaying to some extent and the rest is getting truncated and not displaying in the next page. here i want to display the footer2 text in the next page itself.

I hope u understand else and if any queries please let me know.