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SAP HR IDOCS - Insert/Update data in Infotypes

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I'm developing an Inbound Interface along with IDOC Type HRMD_A07.

Everithing is going fine and the IDOCS are posted correctly but thera is one problem. For example for Infotype PA0006 (adresses) if i run we19, change some information (ex. Start date and Street and House No.) and re-execute, the Infotype Header with the new start date is updated but the street field and Street and House No. isn´t. Do you any one know why tis happens?

By other hand i don´t want to update the infotype i just want to add another registry for the same employee. the purpose is to add another start date as a new registry maintaining the old one for historic purposes.

I tried to Change in WE19 the IDOC E1PLOGI-OPERA from U (update) to I (Insert) and the employee was deleted ... strange isn't it?

Does anyone know how can i insert a new registry in PA0006 from Inbound IDOC?

Why are the employees beeing deleted when i change the OPERA from U (update) to I (Insert)?

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Pedro

The problem here is not because of the OPERA value being passed. ( ... May be 'I" or "U" ) ... This way of working of an infotype is mainly related to the Time constraint being maintained for the infotypes. SInce you are mentionning about IT0006, the time constraint mainly depends on Sub type. So, in that case you may have to change the TC of that sub type to "3", so that you can have mulitple overlapping records at the same time. It looks like right now it is "1" or "2". This can be changed in T591A.


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Hi Pedro,

I need same scenario, but i need to upload the data into infotype 0000 and 0001 .

To do this Iam using IDOC Type HRMD_A07 message thpe as HRMD_A and process code is HRMD.

While iam posting the idoc, idoc posted successfully with the status 53.But data is not getting into the table PA0000 and PA0001.

Can you please help me what are the things needs to be do.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Praveen,

For me the IT0000 and IT0001 are working fine.

Possibles causes of error for you are:

1 - Distribution Model (BD64) - see if there are any filter constraints and if the DB is consistent for HRMD_A

2 - Activate Change Pointers (trans BD50)

3 - OUTPUT Types and assignment to IDOC Types -> sm30 -> EDIMSG

Assign Created Extension ZHRMD_A07 to Message Type HRMD_A

4 - Infotypes - Dialog/Database Assignmet -> SM30 -> T777D

Assign each Infotype to the Corresponding Segment in ZHRMD_A

I hope this can be helpfull.

Regards Pedro.

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Hi Pedro,

We are trying to post data through WE19 for infotype 0 and are unable to do so. We get a success message, but it does not perform the update.

Extension ZHRMD_A07 is assigned to Message Type HRMD_A

SM30 -> T777D assignment of IT done