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SAP Gui does'nt accept more than 7 digit password

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SAP GUI ver. 7.10

Trying to login to R/3 4.7 SYSTEM

Problem: I have password to a 4.7 system which is of 10 digits, but i am unable to login from SAP gui, as it is not accepting more then 7 characters.

Note 1:Using same Gui 7.10 I can login to another systems such as ECC.6.0 systems, which again have passwords more than 7 digits. i have this Login problem only with 4.7 systems.

Note 2: I am able to login to same 4.7 system from another version of SAP Gui 640

Note 3: I did not have this problem until yesterday, all of a sudden only today this problem.No SAP config changes have been done. Only change that happened is i have installed a Microsoft security update

any ideas if this is a known issue or any inputs?



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Please check with your basis guy if there is change in some setting..

Or tell him to reset your password so that you can login...


Lalit Mohan Gupta.

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Hi Hruser,

Go to SU01 and re initiate the password after resetting it. Now, save it.

Go back to the Logon Pad and log in using the newly generated SAP Password which you got after doing the above step. Now, click on New Password and change the password of your choice.

This should work out.

Note: If you dont have access to SU01, you need to ask some one else who has the authorisation to do that. May be BASIS team


Edited by: Babu Kilari on Apr 7, 2009 12:48 PM

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Thanks Babu and Lalit for your replies..

well, i have a super user access, i can reset my password.At the moment my concern is not getting the access to the system, which i i also mentioned i can login from other systems using the same password from Gui 640

All i am concerned is whats with this Gui 7.10 and 4.7 Systems? if anyone is aware of it as a known bug or if anyone know a fix for it...


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Yes. I just checked with Basis guy. It doesnt allow more than 7 characters. I dont know whether it is a bug or not. But, the solution is you need to restrict your password less than the allowed number of characters.

That is the only solution that I can recommend you.


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Yes. I just checked with Basis guy. It doesnt allow more than 7 characters.

It : as in SAP gui or SAP system ?

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Also check this link

Edited by: Babu Kilari on Apr 7, 2009 1:28 PM

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ECC 4.7 and ECC6.0 are you systems and

GUI 6.40 and GUI 7.10 are your SAP graphical user interface.

I guess there is no such bug wherein you are not allowed to enter more than 7 digits..

Because i have used both interface and it does allow...


Lalit Mohan Gupta.