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SAP GOS - Attaching URL in Background

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Hi All.

I have a requirement to add one service item in GOS tool bar and when the user clicks on the service item it has to create an URL link to the document.

I have achieved this requirement and everything is working fine.

Even after the URL is created in background the item ''Attachment List' is still grayed out. I need to come out and display the document to see the item

'Attachment List'. The GOS tool bar is not refreshing after it creates the URL in Background.

I am following the standard method to achieve this requirement.

1)Add an entry in table SGOSATTR.

2)Copied the class CL_GOS_SRV_URL_CREATE and redefined the method 'EXECUTE' according to my requirement.

3)Assign newly created class to the entry added in table SGOSATTR.

I debugged the standard URL attachment in foreground and found no difference. Both are working exactly similar but URL attachment in foreground

refreshes the GOS tool bar after creation of URL link.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Madhu G S


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you can use

CALL METHOD cl_binary_relation=>create_link
         is_object_a            = lo_is_object_a
*    IP_LOGSYS_A            =
         is_object_b            = lo_is_object_b
*    IP_LOGSYS_B            =
         ip_reltype             = 'URL'.

here you can pass all details in lo_is_object_a and lo_is_object_b

and also check the following thread  both thread are same question:

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