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SAP Email

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Hi All,

Iam using SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 to send email from SAP. The problem is when i released using SOST Tcode status text is " No delivery to sender address invalid recipient" i think this is because of i did't not maintain RFC destination for sender is the code... for sendaddress iam concatenating sysid and objid...i think i want to maintain RFC for objid to identify the sender...



sender_address = sendaddress

sender_address_type = 'SMTP'

Can anyone give me the solution...


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this may help you.



reward points for helpfull answers and close the thread if your question is solved.



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Hi Madhu,

Just test this sample code to send a mail.

*& Report  ZSENDEMAIL                                                  *
*&                                                                     *
*& Example of sending external email via SAPCONNECT                    *
*&                                                                     *
REPORT  zsendemail                    .

PARAMETERS: psubject(40) type c default  'Testing',
            p_email(40)   type c default ''.

data:   it_packing_list like sopcklsti1 occurs 0 with header line,
        it_contents like solisti1 occurs 0 with header line,
        it_receivers like somlreci1 occurs 0 with header line,
        it_attachment like solisti1 occurs 0 with header line,
        gd_cnt type i,
        gd_sent_all(1) type c,
        gd_doc_data like sodocchgi1,
        gd_error type sy-subrc.

data:   it_message type standard table of SOLISTI1 initial size 0
                with header line.


Perform populate_message_table.

*Send email message, although is not sent from SAP until mail send
*program has been executed(rsconn01)
PERFORM send_email_message.

*Instructs mail send program for SAPCONNECT to send email(rsconn01)
perform initiate_mail_execute_program.

*       Adds text to email text table
form populate_message_table.
  Append 'Line1' to it_message.
  Append 'Line2' to it_message.
  Append 'Line3' to it_message.
  Append 'Test- 1' to it_message.
endform.                    " POPULATE_MESSAGE_TABLE

*       Send email message
form send_email_message.
* Fill the document data.
  gd_doc_data-doc_size = 1.

* Populate the subject/generic message attributes
  gd_doc_data-obj_langu = sy-langu.
  gd_doc_data-obj_name  = 'SAPRPT'.
  gd_doc_data-obj_descr = psubject.
  gd_doc_data-sensitivty = 'F'.

* Describe the body of the message
* Information about structure of data tables
  clear it_packing_list.
  refresh it_packing_list.
  it_packing_list-transf_bin = space.
  it_packing_list-head_start = 1.
  it_packing_list-head_num = 0.
  it_packing_list-body_start = 1.
  describe table it_message lines it_packing_list-body_num.
  it_packing_list-doc_type = 'RAW'.
  append it_packing_list.

* Add the recipients email address
  clear it_receivers.
  refresh it_receivers.
  it_receivers-receiver = p_email.
  it_receivers-rec_type = 'U'.
  append it_receivers.

* Call the FM to post the message to SAPMAIL
  call function 'SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1'
            document_data              = gd_doc_data
            put_in_outbox              = 'X'
            sent_to_all                = gd_sent_all
            packing_list               = it_packing_list
            contents_txt               = it_message
            receivers                  = it_receivers
            too_many_receivers         = 1
            document_not_sent          = 2
            document_type_not_exist    = 3
            operation_no_authorization = 4
            parameter_error            = 5
            x_error                    = 6
            enqueue_error              = 7
            others                     = 8.

* Store function module return code
  gd_error = sy-subrc.

* Get it_receivers return code
  loop at it_receivers.
endform.                    " SEND_EMAIL_MESSAGE

*       Instructs mail send program for SAPCONNECT to send email.

form initiate_mail_execute_program.
  wait up to 2 seconds.
  if gd_error eq 0.
      submit rsconn01 with mode = 'INT'
                    with output = 'X'
                    and return.
endform.                  "INITIATE_MAIL_EXECUTE_PROGRAM

And let us know if its working fine for you.



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please post whole code if possible


i think you have to put select to get user's SMTP from USR6

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My problem is in FM for exporting parameter sender_address, if assign say "" it is working fine, if i assign say "Sysid+objid", iam getting errow while releasing using SOST

Tcode saying receipent not available...means i have to maintian sender address for this objid in RFC Destination....i have no issues about FM, only issue with exporting parameter sendr_address avilability...this my problem..i think now it is clear...

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try SCOT for sending mails

how to configure SCOT , you can find thread on forum

i don't think it is problem with SOST.

put watchpoint of smtp address


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Hello Madhu,

did your problem got solved

if yes then pls share what was problem and close thread