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SAP Developer News, September 28th, 2023

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate


10k ABAP Students on Exercism

SAP TechEd DemoJam

What’s New in SAP BTP 

Q3 Summaries for Data & Analytics

Devtoberfest Week 2 Recap



0:00 Intro
0:10 10k ABAP Students on Exercism
0:52 SAP TechEd DemoJam
1:42 What’s New in SAP BTP 
2:56 Q3 Summaries for Data & Analytics
3:52 Devtoberfest


Hey folks, Rich Heilman here. Just wanted to point out that we now have over 10,000 ABAP students who have completed over 215,000 ABAP exercises or challenges on the Exorcism platform. Exorcism is a free learning platform for many different programming languages. Last year, a few community members like Lars, Mark, Mike, and others, launched ABAP on exorcism, with many different exercises based on ABAP. If you haven't heard about Exercism and want to try some of the ABAP challenges yourself, have a look at Lars' blog post today for more information about how to get started. Alright, we are on take 972 because we are in the fishbowl here in Walldorf and there There are so many people walking by, had to close the curtains, but come on. We all love being in front of an audience, having fun, and showing innovation. And that is what is going to happen this year, SAP TechEd 2023, where ideas get real. And in order to prove it, in order to show it, we have brought back the SAP DemoJam. That's right, folks. SAP DemoJam is back on stage live in Bangalore. Six teams, six minutes, no slides, all live. We are ready and we hope you are too. Come, sign up, register in Bangalore and be there to see the DemoJam live. Hello, everybody. I hope you're having a great time. Are you fascinated with the new innovations happening on SAP BTP and like to stay updated? If you are new to BTP, it is business technology platform that has five key pillars. I welcome you to join What's New in SAP BTP, a quarterly series that highlights the new developments happened during the fourth. As we near the end of Q3, join our product experts live on YouTube on October 19 at 4 in Central European time as they share new product updates. Our product experts, Yungna Abbasi talks about SAP Build Work Zone, Thomas Hammer talks about SAP HANA Cloud, Harold Stevens and Boris Zarsky talks about DevOps Portfolio on SAP BTP. For more details, please read up the blog post by Cecilia Huergo. Links to the blogs are in the description below. Thank you. We are in the last week of September 2023, which is the second week of the tower fest, as well as the last week of this fourth. Our product experts in SAP Data and Analytics Organization published several blog posts to give you summaries of all the new features recently introduced. Klaus Petersauer shares SAP Data Sphere news, including not only great new features, but also updated guidance documents. Thomas Hammer shares what's new in SAP HANA Cloud QRC 3D list of SAP HANA Cloud. And Orla Kallen gives you the Q3 2023 roundup for SAP Analytics Cloud. To have as well a look into the future, Amanda Murphy introduces some of the latest updates to the QRC 4 release of the SAP Analytics Cloud, such as new and improved formulas and better performance on large currency rate tables. You will find links to all these jewels in the description of today's episode. Hey everyone, we are in week 2 of Devtoberfest 2023. Monday was focused on ABAP and CAP sessions covering SaaS Enablement for CAP and ABAP Cleaner. Android touches on the ABAP Restful Application Programming Model, explaining the recently added features in RAP. Tuesday is dedicated to low-code, no-code developments. We saw a session on SAP build, process automation, event-based triggers to the process, and many more. On Wednesday in the integration track, there were interesting sessions on automation, generative test-driven developments with ChatGPT for SAP Integration Suite. Following the SAP's approach of keep the core clean, there was also a session on event-driven architecture with SAP S/4 HANA and Advanced Event Mesh. How can we leave out AI? Do you want to get some personal recommendations using AI and learn AI Core Toolkit? Check out Thursday's session in Data Analytics AI track. We end the week with UI5 sessions on TypeScript and UI5 Web Components for React. If you are yet to take part in the contest, you still have two weeks left. Do check out the replays, complete the validation tutorials, earn the points and move up in the game board. Well, the October 1st is not just sessions and learning. We have fun Fridays too. Last week, we saw some creative submissions in Petoberfest This Friday, we have two gaming nights. Come and play some poker which will be hosted by Srini and the other game will be hosted by Thomas which is Ultimate Chicken Horse. Well, I have no idea what it is. Let's check it out tomorrow. Happy learning with fun.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate