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SAP Developer News, September 14th, 2023

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Rapid Fire Segment

What’s new for SAP Integration Suite – August 2023

SAP TechEd Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP

SAP Developer Challenge Week 2

Not-to-be-missed Events for Developers using SAP HANA:



0:00 Intro
0:10 Rapid Fire
2:56 What’s new for SAP Integration Suite – August 2023
4:14 SAP TechEd
5:12 SAP Developer Challenge week 2
5:54 Not-to-be-missed Events for Developers using SAP HANA


Welcome to this huge episode of SAP
Developer News.

So much going on, we thought we'd kick off
with a rapid fire segment.

First, we have Devtoberfest.

We've been talking about it
for the past several weeks

and it's finally upon us.

Devtoberfest is going to start Monday,
September 18th and run through Friday,

October 13th, tons of content ready
for you, kicking off already this week

with educational sessions.

And remember check out the calendar
on the SAP community.

We have all the sessions, links
to the content you can join live.

You can watch after the fact,
all the recordings

are available immediately
after the sessions.

And we'll have the contest and,
tutorials for you to complete,

to earn points in the contest.

All that kicks off next week and runs
for the following four weeks.

Check back every week with the developer
news to get highlights

of the previous week of Devtoberfest
and a cool look ahead to what we

have planned in the next week.

Next in the rapid fire segment,
we've got a new release of the SAP cloud

application programming model.

The August release just came out a couple
of days ago,

and we see various improvements
around the CDS language and compiler

with constraints for text entities.

We see improvements
for calculated elements

and consistent timestamps in Node.js.

In Java, we see CDS reuse models in jars,
and we have a new audit logging plugin


Now that's an early beta,
but you can still give it a try.

I found most interesting, the Postgres SQL
step-by-step guide,

new feature that was introduced with this
year's major release

of the cloud application
programming model,

with some great new documentation for it.

And that goes right along with the Devtoberfest
session that I'm going to be giving

in two weeks.

This is going to look at hybrid testing
with multiple database options

on a Postgres and SQLite.

So look for that session coming soon.

And then finally, in the rapid fire

we have improvements coming to the horizon
visual theme for SAP Fiori.

it isn't a big technological difference,

but we've listened to feedback from our
end users and we've made usability

and visual changes
to improve the usability in the Horizon


These changes are going to be coming soon

and Web Dynpro ABAP-based applications,
as well as the Fiori Launchpad.

So be on the lookout for these
nice new changes and check out the blog

post on the topic by Thomas Rees,
where he gives you before and after looks

at the changes that are going to be made.

So with that, I close out the rapid fire

Thanks for joining and we look forward
to seeing you in Devtoberfest sessions

all throughout the next four weeks.

Hola, SAP developers.

I just want to bring your attention
to a blog post recently published

by Gabriela,
which highlights what's new for SAP

Integration Suite.

For example, API revisions in API

You can now maintain multiple revisions
of your API proxy definitions, policies,

and resources,
which means that you can refer to an

older state of the API.

For example,
revert and restore the API to an

older state.

There is a tutorial available if you
want to familiarize yourself

with the new API version functionality.

There is also a new version of Cloud

There is now native support
for the new Apple M1 and M2 process.

Also, you can now configure a secure
network connection when setting up a cloud

connector for RFC communication to an ABAP
backend system.

Now, related to Exactly Once Delivery,
there are six new integration flow design

guidelines for Exactly Once Delivery

Make sure to check them out in case
this is a requirement

in your integrations.

Now there's a new URL for the SAP Business
Accelerator Hub.

You can now access the website

The older URL,,
is still supported, but make sure

to update your bookmarks so you can access
the new year.

There is much more, so check out the links
I'm including in the description.

The complexity of today's
heterogeneous system landscape

make transformation quite a challenge.

But at SAP, we've got your back.

Join us this fall at SAP TechEd
in the Digital Transformation with Cloud

ERP track.

Our track is dedicated to exploring
different journeys from on-premise

to the cloud.

We'll address how to build and run
intelligent cloud solutions and services,

integrating and extending to meet
the needs of the modern enterprise.

Whether your path is one that leads you
towards public cloud or to private cloud,

this is the place to learn.

We'll share the latest product
updates, proven best practices,

inspiring customer stories
and hands-on sessions

from across the portfolio.

We'll deep dive into hot topics
like artificial intelligence

and automation and of course

Ready to take your transformation journey
to the next level?

Join us at TechEd, where ideas get real.

Register today.

Being the second week of the month,
we are on the second task of our developer


Last week we worked on project setup
and database modeling.

If you haven't checked out
the first week's task,

can you do so as we will build upon that
this week?

We get to focus on implementing an API
endpoint using a bound action and exposing

it to allow front-end components
seamlessly access it.

There are validation rules and stated
assumptions in place to help us

with the logic implementation.

We will get to interrupt our models
through queries in order to perform

actions like updating fields of an entity.

Watch out for a blog post to be released
next week explaining the third week's


The link to the challenge can be found
in the details below.

Happy coding!

Do you work with SAP HANA?

Or do you plan to start working
with the product?

Then there are several events I want you
to be aware of, and I want you to take

the full benefits of them.

One, as you have heard from Thomas
Devtoberfest starts next week.

Every Thursday you will be able to attend
sessions on data analytics and AI.

On September 21st the very first session
will be about hybrid development

on SAP HANA Cloud and SAP HANA using SAP
Business Application Studio.

Another interesting session for you
should be processing semi-structured data

using JSON Document Store in SAP HANA
Cloud on September 28th.


On September 26th, join our SAP HANA Cloud
product management team

to learn about the newest release
of the product.

They will guide you through the most
recent updates in the areas

of Data Modeling, Migration, Data Lake,
or Database Explorer.


I am a SAP customer.

Then SAP HANA Cloud Product Management
Team invites you to join as well a Lead

Adopter Care Program.

This program is free of charge,
and participation in it will give you

direct access to SAP HANA development

Registration is open now.


Last but not least.

Last Friday, in Hamburg, Germany,
we had the very first SAP CodeJam

on the topic of getting started
with machine learning using SAP

HANA and Python.

No prior background is required
to participate in such an SAP Code Jam,

just bring your enthusiasm, your curiosity
and your own laptop.

We are looking for those of you who
would like to host next event.

And if you are interested, then please
read my blog post and let us know.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.