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SAP Developer News, June 6th, 2024

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate


Code Connect 2024

DYK #23  Bookmark for BAS dev spaces

ABAP Tools - Configure Tool Bridge

Discovering Event-Driven Integration with SAP Integration Suite, AEM

ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) Cheat Sheet

June Developer Challenge: Multi-model in SAP HANA Cloud, incl. the Vector Engine


0:00 Intro

0:07 Code Connect 2024

0:46 DYK #23  Bookmark for BAS dev spaces

1:56 ABAP Tools - Configure Tool Bridge + SAP Fiori tools May 2024 release

3:29 Discovering Event-Driven Integration with SAP Integration Suite, AEM

4:37 ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) Cheat Sheet

5:35 June Developer Challenge: Multi-model in SAP HANA Cloud, incl. the Vector Engine


[DJ and Nico] Hi everyone and welcome from Code Connect 2024. It's been a fantastic week so far. We had a Cap Code Jam on Monday, we had ReCap on Tuesday, and today, what is today? It's UI5Con. It's UI5Con today. Two awesome keynote sessions already, one from Daniel yesterday and one from Peter and the gang this morning, right? And what else have we got? And we're looking forward to a lot more sessions, a lot We're networking and talking to friends and colleagues, and we hope to see you soon, next year, hopefully at Code Connect 25. Yeah, Code Connect 25, be there.

[Ajay] Did you know SAP Business Application Studio allows users to create development space tailored for specific development scenarios? When you create a dev space, it is associated with your user account, and you can access it through the BAS dashboard. If you have a bookmark to your specific DevSpace, you can indeed access it more quickly bypassing the need to navigate to the initial BAS dashboard. If your DevSpace is not running, clicking the bookmark will take you to a page where you can start the DevSpace. Starting a DevSpace can take a moment because the underlying resources need to be provisioned and initialized. If your dev space is already run in, clicking the bookmark will take you directly to the dev space environment, where you can continue with your work without any delay. Bookmarking your dev space is a convenient way to save time and reduce the number of clicks needed to access your development environment.

[Mamikee] Hello, everyone. I'm coming to you live from ABAP Conference in Germany on this beautiful Thursday, June 6th. We have a new blog post to check out. In the latest blog post, our community member speaks about the powerful tool bridge, the future in the ABAP development tools version 3.42. Learn how this integration with Business Application Studio or VS Code can revolutionize your ABAP development workflow. This blog post highlights what the tool bridge is and the significance in ABAP development, step-by-step instructions to set up the tool bridge with BAS, tips on using the tool bridge to enhance your development process, and many more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your ABAP development process. Check out the link in the description below. Also, don't forget to check out this blog post by Ian Wigley where he discovers the latest enhancement in the SAP PURE tools May 2024 release, which brings closer integration with ABAP development tools with the 24.05 client release ADT and the latest SAP PURE tools. You can now enjoy a more seamless experience between backend and frontend development. In this blog post, Ian Quigley explains how the integration simplifies the development process. Read Ian Quigley's full blog post in the link below.

[Antonio] Hola, SAP developers. Are you interested in learning about Event Driven Architectures and SAP Integration Suite Advanced Vendors? Well, you're in luck, because this week we recently released a new learning journey focusing on that. learning journey is called Discovering Event-Driven Integration with SAP Integration Suite Advanced Event Management. You will go through the basics on what Event-Driven Architectures is and also you will check out all the different components that are part of SAP Integration Suite Advanced Event Management. For example, Issue Control, the Event Portal, and all the different event sources that there are for Event-Driven Architectures in the SAP ecosystem. Be sure to check it out. But what about some hands-on experience for the product? Well, there's also the Event-Reviewing Interpretions with SAP Interpretation Suite CodeGen that you can also request if you want to host an event and that we can get some hands-on experience of the tool. I'm including all the links in the description below.

[Sheena] Hi, everyone. As developers, having a comprehensive overview of syntax and its descriptions in a single document is extremely valuable to us. Andrea Schlotthauer has put together all this information about ABAP Core Data Services in the form of a cheat sheet. This ABAP CDS cheat sheet consists of the overview of all available CDS objects and entities delivered as part of ABAP platform 2023. It also lists down the annotations, associations, data types and type conversions, session variables, and also the operands and expressions that are available in the select list of a Vue entity. In addition, it includes links to numerous knowledge resources for ABAP CDS. So enjoy faster coding by referring to the ABAP CDS cheat sheet linked in the description below.

[Witalij] Hello, it is June already, and it means it's time to recap last month's developer challenge and turn out the new one. During a few weeks of May, you could participate in the developer challenge that was prepared by my dear friend Nora, and you could learn how to use SAP Business AI services, like premium version of document information extraction or data attribute recommendation. A few dozen of you, including actually myself, took part in that with almost 25% going through all five weeks' challenges. Now it's time to announce the new one. So hello, all fellow data geeks, and I'm really happy to announce that this month the challenge will be around SAP HANA multimodal capabilities, including obviously the new Vector engine. The very first week has been published already. And it is all about the setup to get you familiar with SAP Business Application Studio and how it works with Python, Jupyter, and how it can be and should be configured once you are working on a project where you are mining data from SAP HANA Cloud. So I saw the first submission already. It made me really happy and I'm looking for more submissions from all of you.