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SAP Developer Challenge – Open-Source ABAP (Week 1)

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

This discussion thread is to submit your solution for Week 1 of the May 2023 Developer Challenge - Open-Source ABAP 

Week 1 – abapGit

As mentioned, abapGit is the tool which ABAP developers use to share code with the community, or even simply to move development objects from one system to another within their own landscapes. Since abapGit is basically required for working with any modern ABAP based open-source project, we felt that it was important to introduce abapGit in week 1 for those who have yet to hear about its features and functions.

For this week’s challenge, those who have not yet installed abapGit, the challenge is to install abapGit, create a very simple “Hello World” class, and simply push your development object to your GitHub repository.  


You will get credit for this weeks’ challenge by posting the URL of your GitHub repo containing your new class in this discussion thread.

Have Fun 🤩

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I completed the week1 challenge


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Here is My Repo (AttachmentCommentODataService)

Hope this is being still considered 😊

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My repo.

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Hello everyone!

Here is my link:


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