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sap abap bugginer

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hello friends

i am new to abap. so if anyone want to share their knowledge and some kind of documents please contect me.

(email removal)

thank you


ashok sharma


Active Contributor


there are sooooo many ressources to learn ABAP, here are a few of them. Please check them first, this gives you a deep dive into ABAP.

These are just a few links, there are much more. Please search the forum and the whole SAP Community to find much more stuff that is really helpful.

I hope these links give you a good start - happy learning!

Kind regards

hello sir

thank you for help. and sorry i don't know that personal mail id address publicly violates against of engagement rules.this is never could be happened for next time.

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ashoksharma0501 What the moderator said about your email address (mobile, etc.), I think, is about the protection of people privacy. Instead, you may indicate your email address in your user profile and make it visible, and in your message you may ask people to look at it. But remember that it's not the goal of the forum to share answers privately, future visitors looking for answers should also benefit of previous questions. Note that when someone asks for some documents privately, it could be understood as a way of infringing copyright, so possibly not good for the reputation for the asker. Of course, I'm not SAP, it's just my own opinion 😉

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi ashoksharma0501,

Please note that the inclusion of a personal email address publicly violates our rules of engagement ( I've edited the comment to remove.

* Try asking a new question instead at

* Familiarize yourself with, as it provides tips for preparing questions that draw responses from our members.

* Take our Q&A tutorial at, as that will also help you when preparing questions for the community.

* Complete your profile by following the steps at, as a complete profile encourages readers to respond.

I hope you find this advice useful, and we're happy to have you as part of SAP Community!

All the Best,