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Sample file for TBDM (market data import) required

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Dear Experts,

Please help me with sample file or file format with some dummy data to run the transaction TBDM for currecny rates upload.

i tried witl all possiblities some or the other error comes.

Appreicate you <removed by moderator> help.


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Hi Barathi,

TBDM data import requires the file to have the following:

1. Format defined as per the record structure (if you press the blue button i on TBDM page, it gives the definition required)

2. Edit the file in excel and save in .prn file

3. The file has to be in fixed length

For example,

01NZD CAD M 16012012 0.8097 01 01

I hope this helps everyone else. It took me a few days to figure it out.



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Hi Liz,

may you tell which Data format I have to use for the uploadfile? (.xls,.rtf,.doc, .csv, .......)

I would appreciate your help.

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This question is very old but when you look for this in Google this is the first page that comes up.

To make your own uploadable table in Excel you need to follow this structure:

Required means that you must fill that field and Empty means that should leave it blank.

The length describes the length of the field. It's very important the length of the field because if you don't use that length then it won't work the upload.

1 Data Class (Fixed value '01') - Length 2 - Required

2 Key 1 FROM currency - Length 20 - Required

3 Key 2 TO currency - Length 20 - Required

4 Category Interest type - Length 15 - Required

5 Date Calculation Date (Format DDMMYYYY) - Length 8 - Required

6 Time Calculation Time (Format HHMMSS) - Length 6 - Empty

7 Value Value of Data - Length 20 - Required (Use dot for decimals not commas)

8 Currency Not applicable - Length 20 - Empty

9 FROM Ratio Translation Ratio from - Length 7 - Required

10 TO Ratio Translation Ratio to - Length 7 - Required

11 Other Not applicable - Length 5 - Empty

12 Status Error status (values 50..99)  - Length 2 - Empty

13 Error message Error message - Length 80 - Empty

In excel you can define the column width with right click in the column. Doing that define every column with the previous length exposed. Fill the required fields.

You should use define every field in "Text" format because numbers like the first one: 01, must be 01 and it won't work with just 1. The same with date, if you have a date like 5012015 it won't work and has to be 8 digits like 05012015 (05.01.2015)

After you define every column width and define the required fields. Remember to delete the headers if you used them.

Save the file as .XLS because if you save it instead as .prn you won't be able to use it again. Finally save the file as .prn (Formated Text Space Delimited) and upload TBDM. Every time you need to upload again open the XLS file, put your data and save as .prn

And that's it

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Hi Pablo...

Thats a nice explanation. But confused about the  fields here. Could you please provide any solution to this?



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I think that's not the same transaction, but check the technical data for each field and then using the SE11 you can check the length to repeat the same procedure.

I'm not sure if i'm helping, i hope so.