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Runtime error while putting negative value in to table control field

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Hi Guys,

I am working on a Table Control which has Currency

and quantity fields.In PBO when the program is trying put a

negative value then It is going into a runtime error.

The Error description is,


Error analysis

The program flow was interrupted and could not be resumed.

Program "SAPMZDBPRJCTEDFIG" tried to display fields on screen 0100. However, an

error occurred while this data was being converted.

How to correct the error

A conversion error occurred while the program was trying to display data on the screen.

The ABAP output field and the screen field may not have the same format.

Some field types require more characters on the screen than

in the ABAP program. For example, a date field on a screen needs

two characters more than it would in the program. When attempting to

display the date on the screen, an error will occur that triggers the

error message.

Screen name.............. "SAPMZDBPRJCTEDFIG"

Screen number............ 0100

Screen field............. "ZDB_PROJCTD_FIG-ZWORKDONE"

Error text............... "FX015: Sign lost." Further data:

" "

" "

I have tried increase the screen field length to more than the ABAP program field length and the scrren field name is of data type which supports signed value.

But still I am getting the error.the error is 'Sign is lost'.

I would appreaciate if you can help me with this.

Correct answer will be rewarded.

Thank you in advance,

Sanujit Acharya


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Check The Forum

Kanagaraja L


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Check The Forum

Kanagaraja L

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Hi Kanagaraja,

Thank you for your reply.The thread was useful.

The problem is solved.

Thanks a lot.

Sanujit Acharya