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RUn time error while saving po Field symbol has not yet been assigned.

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Hi Experts,

I am getting abap dump while saving PO in ME21N plz seee the below dump plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me


Date and Time 19.06.2009 11:24:46

Short dump has not been completely stored (too big)

Short text

Field symbol has not yet been assigned.

What happened?

Error in the ABAP Application Program

The current ABAP program "SAPLKKBL" had to be terminated because it has

come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

What can you do?

Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.

To process the problem further, contact you SAP system


Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look

at and manage termination messages, and you can also

keep them for a long time.

Error analysis

You attempted to access an unassigned field symbol

(data segment 106).

This error may occur if

- You address a typed field symbol before it has been set with


- You address a field symbol that pointed to the line of an

internal table that was deleted

- You address a field symbol that was previously reset using

UNASSIGN or that pointed to a local field that no

longer exists

- You address a global function interface, although the

respective function module is not active - that is, is

not in the list of active calls. The list of active calls

can be taken from this short dump.

How to correct the error

If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to

find an interim solution in an SAP Note.

If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following





If you cannot solve the problem yourself and want to send an error

notification to SAP, include the following information:

1. The description of the current problem (short dump)

To save the description, choose "System->List->Save->Local File


2. Corresponding system log

Display the system log by calling transaction SM21.

Restrict the time interval to 10 minutes before and five minutes

after the short dump. Then choose "System->List->Save->Local File


3. If the problem occurs in a problem of your own or a modified SAP

program: The source code of the program

In the editor, choose "Utilities->More


4. Details about the conditions under which the error occurred or which

actions and input led to the error.

em environment

SAP-Release 700

Application server... "gplqty"

Network address...... ""

Operating system..... "Windows NT"

Release.............. "5.2"

Hardware type........ "8x AMD64 Level"

Character length.... 16 Bits

Pointer length....... 64 Bits

Work process number.. 0

Shortdump setting.... "full"

Database server... "GPLQTY"

Database type..... "MSSQL"

Database name..... "GPQ"

Database user ID.. "gpq"

Char.set.... "C"

SAP kernel....... 700

created (date)... "Aug 4 2008 02:33:25"

create on........ "NT 5.2 3790 Service Pack 1 x86 MS VC++ 14.00"

Database version. "SQL_Server_8.00 "

Patch level. 172

Patch text.. " "

Database............. "MSSQL 7.00.699 or higher, MSSQL 8.00.194"

SAP database version. 700

Operating system..... "Windows NT 5.0, Windows NT 5.1, Windows NT 5.2, Windows

NT 6.0"

Memory consumption

Roll.... 16192

EM...... 16759360

Heap.... 0

Page.... 237568

MM Used. 12036016

MM Free. 530432

er and Transaction

Client.............. 410

User................ "SAP_SUPPORT"

Language key........ "E"

Transaction......... "ME21N "

Transactions ID..... "9E955CDE97CBF1648B4C001A64C7B85A"

Program............. "SAPLKKBL"

Screen.............. "SAPLKKBL 0500"

Screen line......... 3

Information on where terminated

Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLKKBL" - in "GEN_FIELD_OUT2".

The main program was "RM_MEPO_GUI ".

In the source code you have the termination point in line 2908

of the (Include) program "LKKBLF99".

Source Code Extract

Line SourceCde

2878 else.

2879 assign <fs11> to <field>.

2880 gs_fc = gs_sfc11.

2881 endif.

2882 when 012.

2883 if gs_out_flags-slave ne 'X'.

2884 assign <fm12> to <field>.

2885 gs_fc = gs_mfc12.

2886 else.

2887 assign <fs12> to <field>.

2888 gs_fc = gs_sfc12.

2889 endif.

2890 when 013.

2891 if gs_out_flags-slave ne 'X'.

2892 assign <fm13> to <field>.

2893 gs_fc = gs_mfc13.

2894 else.

2895 assign <fs13> to <field>.

2896 gs_fc = gs_sfc13.

2897 endif.

2898 when 014.

2899 if gs_out_flags-slave ne 'X'.


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this error occurs when you try to address a field-symbol before it has been assigned to a field or

the assignment has failed.

Use following code to remove this dump

Assign <mara-matnr> to <fs>.
if sy-subrc <> 0.
  Error Message.


Hope it helps,


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Dear sir

We are getting the same error while creating a serivce po and work order also

my team is saying that this is dump is not because of that MARA table

Plzzz suj US

Thak q in Advance

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Since the dump is comming in your standard program; please check the exits in which you are adding new fields to your ME21n screen if there is any problem.


Ankur Parab

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Check SAP note : 1115148