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Role & Activities of support people

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HI SAP Gurus,

Can anybody tell me what is the role & function of a Support people where SAP is implemented?what are the activities he used to do daily?




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Job responsibility of a Support consultants is to handle routine tickets, which can be incident (routine problems), change tickets (need configuration change, therefore a change request), normally a support consultant can only advice a change but can't do it , because there is always a change advisory board on client end to evaluate and implement the adviced change.

Business intercation between users and customer can be through mail box utilities, outlook, even telecons and some companies also allow chat.

Usually the customer provides with the number of the document and client/company code and other necessary info. about the process which is facing problem, the consultant tracks the project by logging in to development server and search out for causes, the solution is then sent to user, maybe with snapshot if required.

For those people who asks for for tickets:

1. Tickets are normally raised by end user and carry a priority.

2. Those who are asking SAP gurus to tell them about tickets, pls note that most of the problems except for the basic questions discussed in this group are the tickets themselves, tickets are nothing but the routine incidents the SAP consultants get, if you regularly read the mails in the group you will soon start recognizing tickets.



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Hi Gayatri,

Thanks for the reply.Are you a SAP MM consultant?Recently I joined in this group and I donot know the reward point system.Plz tell me how to reward so that I can reward you for your reply.

Thanks & Regards

Pranaya Kumar Barik

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To understand the Roles & Act. of BASIS(support) people, pls visit the following links:,,sid21_gci530827,00.html ->Goto link basis

Some of their works would include:

- (SAP-)Systemmanagement (CCMS)

- Correction- and Transport-System (TMS)

- SAP-System-Landscape-Planning

- Upgrades/Migrations

- Software-Correction-Support (Notes, Support Packages)

- User-/Authorization-Management

- System-Setup (Installation, Post-Installation, etc.)

- Transport Management System(

- User Management & Roles-(

-Client creation and maintenance,

- Performance optimization

- Backups and recovery

- Security.