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RHPROFL0 not removing PD profiles

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RHPROFL0 report is not removing PD profiles from a user if the user is not assigned to any position. i explain it further with example below.

If user A is assigned to a manager's position, and i run RPHROPL0 it assign the PD profile correctly. However the problem comes when this user is removed from that position and NOT assigned to any position, in this case RHPROFL0 does not remove the PD profile from the user.

Any suggestions why this is happening



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Hi Praveen,

How you are removing the PD profile from the user?? To revoke the PD profile from user, perform the following:

1. Goto PO13 transaction code.

2. Select the PD profile that you wish to remove.

3. Click Save.

4. Goto SE38 (or SA38) and execute the report RHPROFL0.

If you are experiencing the issue after following the same steps, check the table T77UA. If you still see the assignment, I hope the setup is wrong. Check all the settings and correct them.



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Hi Raghu

Thanks for the reply.

I think you miss the point. What i am saying is that the user is removed from the position because he left the organisation. In this case since the user is not assigned to any other position, RHPROFL0 is not removing the PD profile from that user


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if you read [documentation|] from this report then you will see that it works only with users assigned to some position. So you need to assign that user to some position. So I would suggest creating a position TERMINATED without any authorizations.


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Very delayed reply, but still this may help others.

Yes it will not be removed, unless you assign a dummy position/person which is not assigned with any PD profile and run the report RHPROFL0 for that dummy position for which the User ID is maintained with that dummy person in IT105.

And then run the report RHBAUS02 for the user id with threshold and delete checked. After which run the reports RHBAUS01 & RHBAUS00 for that user id. So that this user id will be completely removed.

Arunkumar V