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Rg : Adding Custom Fields in Cj20n,cj01,cj02and cj2D

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Hi Friends,

Updated :

Hi friends :

I need to add fields in PRPS table . I check CI include my system but not there .. Can i add fields in append structure .

if i add append structure can i use that in to User exit for Adding fields in WBS element.


Prabu K

I have requirement for adding filds in cj20n,cj01,cj02

I need to add custome fields in table PRPS.

After that i need to extract to scrren exit CNEX0007 . 

Please let me know how to work on this. If any one done same please let me know the steps.

I will add fileds in PRPS table using append structure..

After that i need to implement Screen exit.. Please let me know how to do ?

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Prabu K

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Thanks Neha..

Do u have document in CJ01,Cj20n for PRPS Table..If u have pl send to me , its very helpful for me.

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This one is a standard (archetypal) customer exit to add customer field to a standard table (here PRPS)

- Read the documentation of the exit via SMOD or SPRO. Look at code samples provided by SAP, look at the exit function group (look for include starting in Zx for top data declaration as well as form/modules)

- Look at OSS for Note 570330 - FAQ 2: Customer-specific fields

- Create a project via CMOD, attach the enhancement

- Create include structure CI_PRPS via CMOD ignore warning and attach to one of your package

- Create a project via CMOD, attach the enhancement

- Declare global data in the Zxxxx include provided in the TOP include of the exit FG (every field received from FM and data to be dsiplayed on screen) (zxcn1top)

- via CMOD create a subscreen in the customer exit function group (and create MODULES and FORM in include zxcn1zzz)

- via CMOD code the FM which will pass data from SAP to screen (EXIT_SAPLCJWB_004)

- via CMOD code the FM which will pass data back from screen to SAP (EXIT_SAPLCJWB_005)

- Activate project

- test



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Hi Raymand,


I have few questions.

I dont want get any values form SAP .. From sceen i want to pass PRPS table which i have add in Structure.

So i use EXIT_SAPLCJWB_005 this Function module.

I need to put F4 help for Some field. Can i do that into PBO in Screen. wheather this will work .

PLease if u have any document for this Pl share me.


Prabu K

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For F4 help,manage it in dynpro definitin, either

- Attach search help to fields