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RFC Call error..

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Hi All,

I am facing an issue with regard to RFC call from an external system.Business flow is like, Purachase Requisition(PR) is created from Ariba system/application which is passed to SAP via TIBCO Adapter to create Purchase order(PO).As per my understanding the data flow is like this: Ariba PR data's are captured by Ariba Adater and are send to TIBCO ADAPTER.This TIBCO adapter will invoke request-response service from SAP Adapter for operation of SAP RFC calling.Now i am able to successfully create PR/PO from Ariba application with amount(more than $10mn with after decimal value as 00) say $12,000,000.00 / $15,000,000.00. But while creating PR/PO from Ariba application with amount (more than $10mn with after decimal value as other than 00 i.e .99, .78, .05 etc) say $12,000,000.99 / $15,000,000.08, it gives below error which are captured in Ariba side, hence unable to create PR/PO's more than $10mn, however for less than $10mn amount of PR/PO with after decimal value as other than 00 i.e .99, .78, .05 etc, it is successfully getting created.So the problem is amount with more than $10mn PO with after decimal value as other than 00 i.e .99, .78, .05 etc.

Error found in Ariba side for above scenarion:

" Thu Apr 09 12:21:49 EDT 2009 (integrationExternal:error:4745): Received a Tibco generated message: 2009 Apr 9 12:21:49:079 GMT -5 SAPAdapter.SAInboundRFC.psap1 Error [Application] AER3-000185 CallReceive failed for operation Z_ARIBA_PO_PUSH; exception : Unable to interpret 1.10000005E7 as a number., RFC error; Group/Key/Message: 104/CONVT_NO_NUMBER/Unable to interpret 1.10000005E7 as a number.

Where could be the problem?Does it a TIBCO Adapter config/ SAP adapter Problem / SAP RFC code issue?

FYI....SAP RFC that is getting called doesnot contain any code of "CONVT_NO_NUMBER" .

Awaiting your reply guys


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Please post this in XI forum for quick replies

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what could be appropraite forum for this? I couldnot find XI forum?


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Sap Netweaver : Process Integration.

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Category: SAP NetWeaver - Process Integration