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RFBIBL01 more than 950 lines in 1 document

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I'm using abap RFBIBL01 to post documents.

Apparantly there is a restriction that I cannot post more

than 950 lines in 1 document.

Does anyone know a solution for this problem without having to split the document in more documents ??




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Hi Henk,

U need to split the records using some dummy account. As far as i know there is no alternative other than splitting. I used this splitting logic with dummy account for my requirement.



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The limitation is due to a couple of things:

The line item key filed in BSEG is defined as NUMC(3), so there is a hard limit of 999 line items for a document.

RFBIBL00 reserves 49 lines for automatically generated line items (like taxes).

Since one incorrect line item will cause the entire document to reject, unless you're sure that everything will work, it's not a bad idea to combine line items in smaller groups.


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Yes, as Rob pointed out there is nothing you can do about it. You have to split it into multiple documents. We typically stop at 900 itself and then create a new document with the rest of the lines. It is not a good business practice to have to so many lines in one document any way. It makes sense only during conversions or migration from legacy to R/3.