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RF Related Documents and Links?

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Hi Friends,

We are implementing RF Fuctionality for our clients, we are shortage of enough meterials. Could you help me in sending the documents or links. If there is documents, Kindly forward it to .

Thanks & Regards

Sathish Kumar


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I think you will get the SAP Console preinstalled with the SAP GUI Installation you can find it in Control Panel with the name SAPConsole Administrator. This communicates with SAP using some Telnet server and there are lot of telnet servers available in the market.

Some Useful Information for SAP Console and Telnet Server:

SAP Console –Framework which enables users to execute R/3 transactions from Character based device including RF devices.

SAP Console consists of following three main components

1. SAP Console – Software / Interface component

2. SAP Console Administrator – Defining properties of SAP console

3. SAP Console I/O Engine – I/O engine through which SAP console and User interact

Installation of SAP Console is a part of SAP GUI installation

Telnet server installation on the same machine in which SAP console is installed.

Standard Telnet server are

1.Slnet From Seattle Labs

2.GS_Tnet from Georgia Soft works

But any Telnet Sever application can be used which supports VT220 emulation.

Telnet Client is the Interface which is used to execute transactions. Ex. – RF device

2) It comes preloaded with SAP GUI so need not worry about installation.

3) Yeah Packing process is supported in RF and you can get the couple of transactions related to RF and they start with LM*

For the rest you have transaction codes available like for example LM74, LM47, etc or else best thing is you use LM00 which is the starting transation code for your RF related activities.

Or else search for LM* in TSTC table.

Most corporations who implement an ERP system are confronted with the issue of how to simplify and streamline the logistics process utilizing radio frequency (RF) technology. For SAP™ R/3® users in particular, this issue has always been addressed by selecting and implementing a 3rd party RF “Middleware” system. Since SAP did not offer any type of RF solution, this became the only choice. In the latter part of 1999, SAP quietly introduced a product named SAPConsole to finally address the issue of supporting character-based RF devices from SAP R/3. The question that now needs to be answered is, “What is SAPConsole and will it work for my application”.

This guide will clear up the mystery about SAPConsole and describe the benefits and limitations when evaluating an “SAPConsole Approach” to RF Data Collection.

For RF SAPConsole to work companies will need, along with the SAPConsole implementation, to also implement a WLAN network using the appropriate technology, frequency, compatibility and so on. The SAPConsole consultant should be able to provide advice on this.

History of SAP Console

Several years ago SAP partnered and subsequently purchased OFEK-tech, an Israeli company specializing in Warehouse Management and Control. As “SAP OFEK-tech”, one of the main objectives of this new partnership was to develop native support for radio frequency (RF) devices for the SAP R/3 Warehouse Management Module.

Parallel to the OFEK-tech effort, SAP initiated a new more comprehensive Warehouse Management systems strategy starting with R/3 version 4.5 known collectively as the Logistics Execution System (LES). LES integrates the applications of Warehouse Management, Shipping and Transportation, and can operate in an integrated mode similar to all the other modules (MM, PP, etc.) or as a stand-alone system (Decentralized WM).

These two initiatives finally came together starting with LES in version 4.6B. The new RF solution for LES offers several new “Mobile Data Entry” transactions specifically designed for RF users and the supporting operations. This whole suite of functionality including business transactions, configuration, and RF device support is sometimes mistakenly referred to as SAPConsole, since it was first released with version 4.6B. Technically, it is more correct to call this RF solution the “SAPConsole Approach”.

Check this link


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I'm not sure if you're new to RFID programming or just new to RFID. Either way, here's a blog I wrote that should serve as an intro to RFID.


Please check the links for details -> SAP Components -> RFID-Enabled Supply Chain Execution -> Using SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure 4.0

Business Scenario Descriptions and Configuration Guides -> RFID -> Detailed Information

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