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Rework confirmation and subsequence operation quantity

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Hi Experts:

I have exact request like this , because I cannot find any solution to change the calculation without rework quantity, so create this for any suggestion.

In our process (simplified), for example, 3 different production order qty 20 and each one has multiple operation:

Order 1: yield 17 / rework 3 => hope change next operation qty as 17

Order 2: Yield 15 / rework 5 => hope change next operation qty as 15

Order 3: Yield 18 / rework 2 => hope change next operation qty as 18.

we'll combine/collect rework qty 10 and create a whole new rework order, so let's why we want to change original order's operation qty.

(someone might ask about how to collect cost... I don't exactly know, I'm abaper)

If there is no easy answer, I might use "Insertion of Customer-Specific Fields" , add an our own rework field and do auto confirm if ( yield + scrap + our own rework ) = Order qty. Because there are some add-on program/report about confirmation in our company, so cost time...

Any way, if you have any suggestion, please let me know, thank you.