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Reverse WRITE TO ??

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Hi, how do I convert an input string containing numeric data properly using the current user's settings? I.e. how do I get e.q.  '1.234,56765' converted regarding decimals and thousands separator? I could not find any function doing just that, although every dynpro uses this functionality.

Any hint greatly appreciated.




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Hi Peter ,

I am not sure of a FM but you could read table USR01 field DCPFM to determine the Decimal notation .



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Hi Peter,

It sounds like you want to convert from external to internal format. If this is the case, you could look at class CL_FOBU_INPUT_UTIL, which was mentioned elsewhere in this forum for a similar issue. It might be what you are looking for.

Good luck,


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data nfmt(20) type c value '1.234,56765'.

replace '.' with '' into nfmt.

replace ',' with '' into nfmt.

condense nfmt no-gaps.

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You should at least use a loop to delete the '.' or the ','. There could be more than one in a number in print format. There could be a minus-sign too in the wrong place.

KInd regards Axel Kiltz

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Hello ROB

now you've got value 123456765 but the input was 1234,56765 (where "," is the decimal point).

What is that usefull for ?

Best regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen