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REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY dropdown in one column

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Hi Experts,

I need to create a drowndown in one of my column in my alv grid display using 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'.

I have searched the requirement and I found this one.

So, I tried to use it but when I'm going to use an internal table as may reference table and fieldname it does not show a seach help.


here is my code:

DATA: BEGIN OF it_pumptyp OCCURS 0,

   hand TYPE i,

   type LIKE zpump_line-type,

   END OF it_pumptyp.

it_pumptyp-hand = '1'.

   it_pumptyp-type = 'Mobile'.

   APPEND it_pumptyp.

   it_pumptyp-hand = '2'.

   it_pumptyp-type = 'Stationary'.

   APPEND it_pumptyp.

PERFORM pf_write_fieldcat USING:

     'LINE'                  'IT_DATA'  'Line'                                         ' ' ''   '' '',

     'EQUNR'                 'IT_DATA'  'Equipment No.'                                ' ' 'X'  '' '',

     'TYPE'                  'IT_DATA'  'Pumpcrete Type'                               ' ' 'X'   'IT_PUMPTYP' 'TYPE',

     'STRC'                  'IT_DATA'  'Structure'                                    ' ' 'X'   '' '',

     'QPORD'                 'IT_DATA'  'Qty Poured'                                   ' ' 'X'   '' '',

     'UOM'                   'IT_DATA'  'UOM'                                          ' ' 'X'   '' '',

     'PRICE'                 'IT_DATA'  'Price                   .'                    ' ' ''   '' '',

     'TOTAL'                 'IT_DATA'  'Total                   .'                    ' ' ''   '' '',

     'RNOELB'                'IT_DATA'  'Required No. of Elbows'                       ' ' 'X'   '' '',

     'ANOELB'                'IT_DATA'  'Actual No. of Elbows'                         ' ' 'X'   '' '',

     'RNOPIP'                'IT_DATA'  'Required No. of Pipes'                        ' ' 'X'   '' '',

     'ANOPIP'                'IT_DATA'  'Actual No. of Pipes'                          ' ' 'X'   '' '',

     'OTHER'                 'IT_DATA'  'Other Charges'                                ' ' 'X'   'ZPUMP_LINE' 'OTHER',

     'TBA'                   'IT_DATA'  'Total Billed Amount'                          ' ' ''    '' '',

     'REMARKS'               'IT_DATA'  'Remarks                          .'           '30' 'X'  '' ''.


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     In order to get search field by default in alv , Give Reference tab & Reference Field of Standard Table.

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Is there a way that I can create my own search help using an internal table?

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Hi Jepoy

Use the standard FM  HELP_DOCULINES_SHOW

For testing this go to SE37--> and pass value into table HELPLINES (Tables Tab)


&      TDLINE           Testing for F1 Help


and execute

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I tried this one and its for search help, I need to make it like a dropdown menu. wheneven i select a cell.

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You can use the method g_grid->set_drop_down_table to assign the drop down option for the particular column. For Example.:

* drop down lists in ALV.
  DATA: lt_dropdown TYPE lvc_t_drop,
             ls_dropdown TYPE lvc_s_drop.

ls_dropdown-handle = '1'

ls_dropdown-value = 'Option1'

APPEND ls_dropdown TO lt_dropdown.

ls_dropdown-handle = '1'

ls_dropdown-value = 'Option2'

APPEND ls_dropdown TO lt_dropdown.

CALL METHOD g_grid->set_drop_down_table    


      it_drop_down = lt_dropdown.

Please note : While defining the field catalog along with name and outputlen value pass the below for that column for which drop down is required.

ls_fcat-drdn_hndl = '1'

Please check out the structure LVC_S_FCAT --> DRDN_HNDL

Hope it helps.


Akhila Bidare