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retrieving all attributes from object type in BOR

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I have scenario , where i need to retrieve all attributes of business object type and send it to thirdparty server ,

suppose if i have purchase order object type bus2012 , it shows just 8 attributes in form attributes option like vendor, purchgrp, purchorg , ...etc. i need to retrieve fileld name , description, length ,datatype of particular attribute.

I can retrieve these attributes using FM swo_query_attributes.

but i think there are so many attributes related to purchase order , so how can i make sure I retrieve all the attributes .

do i need to use parameters of API methods inside object type ?

what is the correct way of doing it.


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its really high priority

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no one was able to answer this ....

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Seems you are right, and it´s not the time anyone capable answering this is here, but nevertheless, you are aware that "bumping/pushing" threads aint along the lines of the forum code of conduct?

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I am really sorry for doing that .