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Retrieve previous version.

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I have created a customizing request & it is transported to QA. Now i don't want these changes. How do i revert it to the previous status.

Thanks in advance.


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go to Utilities -> Version management,

u will find all the available versions.

select the required one and press the retrieve tab.



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if you know the request number(old version) that has the program code what u want then release this request number into qas so that the code gets overwritten....

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I agree with Rajkumar. But how come you have a customizing request? Hopefully you are not talking about a report. Are youtalking about any customizing issues? Because ABAP editor I guess we can a workbench request and not customizing request.

Thanks & Regards

Rajini Rajuladevi

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In Development Server.

In program.

Utilities -

> Versions -

> Versions Management

There having Retrieve Button.

if which version ( request Number ) u want that version only tick the check box any click Retrieve Button.

it will come to old version,



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Create another transport request and retain the chnages to the original and release it to the QAS.


Sriram Ponna.

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Hi Kevin,

Create a new request in Dev that nullifies the changes u have made in QA by transporting it.


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Hi Kevin!!

Delete or edit whatever changes u wish to have in developemnt server and save it in new request.

if u want to goto previous version in dev. server u can use version management for the same and thn save it in new request.

After all cahnges have been saved in new request ,release it to QA so that it is over written on the previous code.

Also ritely said,an ABAPer deals wid workbench request only.

Reward if useful.