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Required logic for ALV Report

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Hi to all,

I have a requirement.I need to dispaly the header data.If i click on the header data infomation it should show item data information of that particular header data record.How we can achieve this????




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Hi Raj,

Usings Intractive ALV,u can achieve this...

First capture the header detail using index... Then, get the item details of that particular header detail, then display in the secondary list...

For example..

{ lv_index = selfield-tabindex. " which line u r double clicking

READ TABLE it_mov into is_mov INDEX w_index.

IF selfield-fieldname = 'VIEW'. " what u r clicking... Header detail

  • fetch ur item detail...

endif. }



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you can do it usig interactive alv.

you can add a select button for selecting row in first alv.

then based on the button click you can read the line in the header table

Then get the item details and display it in second alv

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implement the AT LINE SELECTION or AT USER COMMAND event in your report.

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Search the package SLIS in se80.

It has many illustrative examples

The one you want is : BCALV_GRID_02